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Film Directing


£1,200 per day

I craft cinematic experiences that transcend the screen, leaving audiences captivated and inspired. From concept to completion, I  collaborate closely with clients to bring their vision to fruition.

Every great film begins with a visionary director, and I'm excited to share my story with you. I founded Slashed Shorts with a passion for capturing moments that evoke emotion, spark inspiration, and leave a lasting impact. My journey started with a desire to remove financial barriers and empower other aspiring filmmakers to bring their visions to life without breaking the bank.


Now, with a dedicated team of creatives by my side when I direct, we've cultivated a reputation for delivering exceptional video services without breaking the bank. Whether capturing the raw beauty of nature, the intimate moments of human connection, or the pulse-pounding excitement of adventure, I approach each project with a commitment to excellence, innovation, and storytelling mastery.

My core values revolve around authenticity, creativity, and client collaboration. I'm committed to understanding my clients' visions and bringing it to life with unparalleled dedication and attention to detail. As the film director, I personally oversee each project, ensuring that every frame reflects our commitment to excellence and the clients' unique narrative. When I direct, I bring with me a qualified team of professionals who share my passion for storytelling and are experts in their respective fields.


Get Inspired

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LIVE AT UNIT 17 "Harry Mold"

Directed by Shel Warnick
DOP Sage Dillon
Editor Shel Warnick

Directing Harry Mold's music video was a deeply fulfilling experience. In his own words, Harry's insight into the video's concept is spot on.
"Stresshead captures the optimism of sunlight, while Space Cadet delves into the solemnity of evening, together painting a vivid picture of a day's emotional journey."

Bringing these introspective songs to life through visuals was a privilege, and the video serves as a meaningful conversation starter on mental well-being. Collaborating with Harry on this project was a true pleasure, and I'm proud of the result.


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