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Privacy Policy

Effective Date: July 2, 2024

Welcome to Shel Warnick | Slashed Shorts! I’m Shel Warnick, your dedicated videographer and the one-man show behind this creative studio. Your privacy is important to me, and I’m here to keep your personal information safe. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how I collect, use, and protect your info when you visit my website


1. Lights, Camera, Data Collection!


Personal Data

Just like every great film starts with a script, I need some of your details to bring your project to life. You’ll share info like your name, email address, and anything else necessary for the project. This data is only kept for the duration of our project and up to one month afterward. After that, it’s deleted faster than the outtakes.

Private Member Data

For my VIP clients with private member accounts, your login details are kept secure and locked down with Wix. Your data stays safe as long as you want your account active, guarded like the prized footage of your big day.

2. Using Your Info – Action!

With your info, I can create a seamless, award-worthy experience. Here’s how I use what you share:

  • Project Management: To ensure your project runs smoothly.

  • Communication: To keep you updated on your project’s progress.

  • Account Security: To protect your private member login details like they’re top-secret.


3. Sharing Your Info – Cut!

Your personal information stays with me unless sharing is absolutely necessary. Here’s when it might happen:


By Law or to Protect Rights

If I have to respond to legal processes or protect my or others’ rights and safety, your info might be shared as required by law. Think of it as calling in legal special effects.


Business Transfers

If there’s ever a major change like a merger or sale, your info might be part of the scene, like a cast member moving to a new film.


4. Security – Behind the Scenes

I use top-notch security measures to keep your info safe, like a locked editing suite. While I strive to protect your data, no system is perfect. Even in the best productions, there’s always a chance of unexpected twists.


5. Policy for Children – No Minors Allowed

I don’t knowingly collect info from kids under 13. If I find out I’ve got info from a child under 13 without parental consent, I’ll delete it faster than you can say “cut!” If you think I have such info, please let me know.


6. Your Info – Edit or Delete


Account Info

You can review, change, or delete your account info anytime:

  • Log In: Update your settings in your account.

  • Contact Me: Drop me a line using the contact info below.

If you want to terminate your account, I’ll deactivate or delete your info from my active databases. Some info might stick around for legal reasons, fraud prevention, or to settle any disputes – kind of like keeping backup footage.


7. Contact Me

Got questions or comments about this Privacy Policy? Let’s chat!


Shel Warnick


Thanks for reading, and action! 🎬

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